Saturday, November 24, 2012

Partner's Sent

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have signed up for Holly Bloggy Christmas 2012 you should have received your partner's information! Also, if you signed up to do a giveaway, you should have receive an email with that information as well!  We have over 60 participants this year and 10 giveaways! Remember that if you are interested in participating, you have until Monday to sign up! Just email us at teacherbloggerexchange{at}gmail{dot}com!!!

So start getting your Favorite Things ready for your partner and get them mailed out by December 10th! We will be looking for your emails WITH your shipping number AND your picture of what you sent! We can't wait to see all of the craftiness!!!


  1. Checked my email, but I don't have my partners info yet :( Also, not sure if I signed up for the giveaway, but I definitely want to!

    Teachery Tidbits

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  3. Just double checking, is it a 15$ minimum? Or limit?