Monday, February 6, 2012

Giveaway #6

Today is the BIG day! We are asking that all gifts are sent out today! PLEASE make good on your word of joining the exchange and getting your partner her gift. We had over 5 people from the Christmas Exchange who never received their gift! :( That makes me sad. I don't want anyone feeling left out! Thanks gals!

On to today's giveaways. Today we have Krissy from Kindergarten Monkey Business. She is giving away her "Starter Smelly Kit". She uses this in her classroom and it is SO cute. Check out her blog to see how it is used. The winner will receive a cute kit and the directions on how to use it. Here is a sample of what your kit may look like:

Visit Krissy at her blog by clicking on her button below.

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business

The winner of this cute gift is Erica from The Honey Bunch. I am sending your information on to Krissy now.

The 2nd giveaway is from Erin from Blessing and Adventures. She is giving away a Thirty-One umbrella and case, OPI nail polish, Thirty-One Demi Purse, and a cute Valentine teacher goody! Can we say WOW! Here is what you are receiving:

The winner is Bethany from The BubbleGum Tree. I am sending Erin your information and it should be on it's way soon!

The last giveaway for today is from Mor Zhiren from A Teacher's Treasure. This winner will receive her Readers Mystery Package. This is for grades 2-5, but can be tweaked for many other grades.

You can grab your copy here or you can check out her blog below:

The winner of this unit is Sandra from Sweet Times in First. I am sending it your way soon! See you tomorrow!

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