Friday, April 13, 2012

It’s Friday…Who Wants 2 Giveaways?

So…it’s Friday!!! Who is excited? We are. Not to make anyone jealous…but we only have 22 days left!!!! I know we were both complaining that we never got snow days, but now we are happy! Smile So, in celebration of it being Friday, I thought 2 giveaways would be a great idea! Our first giveaway is from Tessa from Tales From Outside the Classroom!
She is giving away her Captain Cool unit. This unit practices adding and subtracting rules. Here is the preview. You can get your own unit in her TPT store!
Captain Cool complete
The winner of this unit is Kelly from Busy in Kindergarten! Congrats! Be looking for your unit!

We also have Jena from Caught in the Middle. This is a great blog for all upper elementary or middle school teachers! Check her out!
She is giving away her Smore Work with Fractions unit for 5th-7th graders! Check out her TPT store for more great units!
Improper Fractions
The winner of this great unit is Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher! (Okay…I kid you not… just read my mind. I was thinking as I typed this out “I hope someone who can use it (not a K or 1st teacher) will win this because it is so great! pulled up #47 and that person on our roster is Michelle. I’m so happy and hope you can use it! Be checking your mail soon! Be sure and check back next week.
Just a reminder: You have 1 week to finish your craft. PLEASE take a picture before shipping it off WITH your tracking number. I hate to do that…but we have too many people not getting their gifts! Thanks ladies!


  1. Oh thanks! I have never one of the giveaways for the exchanges-can't say that anymore! LOL

  2. YAY!!! I'm glad you were sending good brainwaves to!

    I have been looking at this product from Jena...and wanting I am super excited that I won. :)

    Making It As A Middle School Teacher

  3. PLEASE take a picture before shipping it off WITH your tracking number.
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